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December 1, 2016
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January 1, 2017

Newest VNO Team Member


In August we lost our beloved hunting and fishing pup to late stage kidney disease. After spending a waterfowling season without a dog of our own and bonding with the dogs of our guides and clients, Aaron and I decided to contact Trailrunners in Big River, Saskatchewan. We had seen these incredible dogs at the Edmonton Boat & Sportsman Show for years and were blown away by their abilities as well as the dedication of the Oudshoorn Family. We very much appreciated their mission which is to “strengthen and promote the healthy bloodlines of the working Labrador retriever in Canada and the world. [T]o produce a superior Labrador, whose purpose is to serve and benefit humankind in the most meaningful ways possible.”

That being said we would like you all to meet GAUGE…


Gauge was born in October and joined the Venture North family at the end of November and will head to training in 2017. You’ll be seeing him retrieving your birds this coming season.

For more information about Trailrunners, please visit their website:

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